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Founded in 2000, Show Me Again is the pioneer in horse show clothing consignment. We are the most recognized and trusted horse show clothing consignment store in the industry, voted 5 TIMES, “BEST SHOW CLOTHING CONSIGNMENT STORE” by the readers of Show Horse Today, published by

Our foundation is specializing in consignment of pre-owned, high-end DESIGNER horse show apparel from today’s top designers. We also accept BRAND NEW show clothing directly from designers. We offer a line of horse show essentials like fitted shirts and saddle blankets with our line named Platinum Show Apparel. As an authorized Hobby Horse dealer, we offer brand new pants, chaps, and accessories. Our mission is to offer you the largest selection and best pricing on horse show clothing, no matter what your budget. If we don’t have it, please ask! We may be able to get it for you.

We realize the popularity of show clothing consignment has become rampant. Often imitated and confused with others, how do you choose which consignment store is best for you? It’s about more than consignment fees. Experience, reputation and representation of your pieces is crucial. Our state-of-the-art website is unparalleled with searching capabilities, photos, accurate measurements and detailed descriptions. We offer superior customer service and answer questions quickly and efficiently. We express ship website orders daily. Our website and show schedule exposes your consignments to a diverse audience of horse show exhibitors who show many different breeds.

I encourage you to explore our award-winning website, Facebook reviews, testimonials and social media outlets. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to discuss consigning with us, just call, email or text the owner, Wendy. She is readily available to answer any questions you have.

Show Me Again does NOT accept on consignment

  • Mass manufactured show clothing or clothing purchased from department stores or pre-owned fitted shirts.
  • Clothes in need of major repairs or excessively soiled. If you wouldn’t wear it, we can not sell it.
  • Poorly constructed garments or garments with glass instead of crystal components.
  • English hunt shirts, breeches, tall boots or helmets (we do accept name brand English jackets)
  • Cowboy hats, boots or belts (unless part of a set)
  • Headstalls, Halters, English tack, Tail Extensions (we will accept Harris or Blue Ribbon saddles only)
  • Soiled or undersized saddle blankets (we prefer Golden West, Harris, Woods or Platinum show pads for best resale value)

Our customers are very selective and you will get the best return of investment by sending DESIGNER items that are CLEAN, in good repair and of current styling.

If your garment is in need of cleaning, repairs, or you would like the best opportunity to maximize your resale value, we highly recommend Glamour Gal Repairs for professional cleaning and restoration prior to consigning. Glamour Gals will ship directly to us on your behalf when your garment is ready to be marketed if you choose.

If we determine items are in need of cleaning or repair before selling, cleaning costs are deducted from the first sale on your consignor account or we may request payment prior to consigning.

After shipping your items to us, we will have the exclusive right to market and sell these items for a minimum of 6 months, but it may take longer to sell. We are experienced in determining the best price for your items, but the price can also be determined by mutual agreement between us. Show Me Again reserves the right to refuse any item. Refused items have the option of being returned to you at your cost, or we will facilitate a donation to an equine related charity.

Once your items are entered into our online inventory system, you will be provided a username and password to view your inventory online. You can rest assured knowing and having the ability to view the status of your items at any time. We are the ONLY consignment store to offer this service. If you opt to place a reserve or lowest acceptable selling price on your items, or would like your items returned prior to being listed with us for 6 months, you agree to pay a minimum $50 stocking, handling and listing fee *per item* plus return shipping costs if the item does not sell within the consignment period.

We will work to obtain the best price for your item, and sometimes it does take time to find the right buyer, so we appreciate your patience during our efforts. We will periodically review your account and reduce prices as necessary at our discretion until the items sells. During your consignment period, which is unlimited, if Show Me Again is unable to reach you by the contact information provided, your items will become the property of Show Me Again and donated to an equine related charity. We will exhaust every effort to sell and contact you before this happens, but please keep us updated with your most current contact information.

Show Me Again will market your items at our showroom, take select items to horse shows and post them on our website. The FREE website listing may include multiple photographs, measurements, written descriptions, video plus extensive marketing through additional media channels including horse publications and social media outlets.

Please contact us with photos and descriptions on your consignments for our current consignment fees and contract.

Payment is automatically issued within 30 days of your item becoming a Final Sale.

Consignment is at your own risk. Show Me Again is not responsible for casualty loss due to fire, flood, theft, lost shipments or other circumstances beyond its control.

Are you ready to get started? Please email before shipping your items, or see our Events to give your items to us at a show.

Mailing & Shipping Address: Note, this is NOT our physical location or store.

Show Me Again
32531 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite 105-250
Scottsdale, Arizona 85266
Again, this is NOT our physical location or store; it is our mailing address to accept your shipments at our secure mailbox. 

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