Drawing the Line

Style Scenes from the 2017 APHA Zone 2 Zone-A-Rama with Sales Representative Delores Kuhlwein

We love sparkle!  So you do, apparently – we had a terrific show last week at the APHA Zone 2 Memorial Day Zone A Rama and UPHC POR, and our showroom’s shine could be seen all the way across the beautiful venue in South Jordan, Utah.

But we want to stop you right there.  No matter what trend you see, with lots of bling or just a tiny bit, one of the clear messages you’ll hear from us involves a long, clean line, and a well-fitting outfit that draws the eye upward.  And that eye-catching look was apparent everywhere we turned, from our Show Me Again customers to many of the tough competitors in the show ring.

Memorial Day Weekend’s Zone 2 APHA Show, the largest Paint Horse show in the U.S., was jam-packed with flattering designs that provided a silhouette or clean line from shoulder or hip to toe.  These ladies know how to dress!  Of course, we were happy to help contribute to the beauty in the pen.

IMG_0210Return customer Kathy wanted a sophisticated look for the Master’s horsemanship, and that’s exactly what she purchased:  a dynamic, modern horsemanship shirt that emphasized her body position and provided light to her face under a black hat.  She won the horsemanship, and though she credited the shirt, we declared that the shirt gave her the final piece of confidence to get it done!

Customer Kellie purchased a beautiful preowned teal and black Paula’s horsemanship shirt from us at AQHA Silver Dollar Circuit in March, and she rocked the show pen on her newly acquired horse here at the show!  What a nice pop of color with a pattern that carried the neutral base in her chaps all the way through to her collar. IMG_0185

Both ladies had very different price points and body shapes, and both were able to create a smart impression on their horses in a class where the rider’s body position is definitive.

IMG_0248Next, let’s look at the pleasure pen.  One of Madison’s favorite events is Western Pleasure, but she often has trouble finding something diverse enough to complement both her and her horse, in addition to her black saddle. Her Silver Lining vest with several options for shirt colors gave her tiny frame great length and poise with the color and presence she wanted.

Brenda, who has a fabulous roan pleasure horse, started out the show in a gorgeous vest (below, left) that matched her horse beautifully.  She was ready to invest in a pleasure jacket, so we worked with her to coordinate the warm colors she wanted. Notice her new but preowned ensemble on the right, which creates a flattering line pulling her base color from head to heel while celebrating the warmth of bronze, gold, copper and the pop of turquoise.

IMG_0142     IMG_0259

Blending your look with your horse definitely worked for customer Megan, who had changed horses recently.  Despite her easy going nature, she loved the edgy and monochromatic appeal of her new black and silver Sweet Magnolia jacket on her new black horse.  Can you see (below, right) how the design almost points to her tiny waist and makes her look long and lean? IMG_0253


It’s not just about black or dark colors, however.   Even though this amateur rider’s base is black (below, left), the slimming effect of the black up her side paired with a stunning Kelly green is dynamic.


Lastly, repeat customer Shari had been searching for a comfortable look that accentuated her light complexion and presented a streamlined look to coordinate with her horse’s slow, soft legs.  The warmth of the copper enhances her complexion, the airbrushing offers a softness, and the black base brings the eye all the way up to her hat.

 Zone 2 2017_07_745

All in all, no matter the color you wear, whether it’s black, purple, green or pink, think about carrying the color throughout your frame to present an elegant and modern line on your body.  Whatever your budget or body type, Show Me Again is here to help you present the best picture so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the Show Me Again Style blog, published exclusively on GoHorseShow.com. Please check back frequently for updates.

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Photo permission for Blog only – Don Trout.