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With Show Me Again’s Owner & CEO Wendy Brown and Sales Representative Delores Kuhlwein


Fall 2017 Show Pen Style Alert:  Expect the Vests

Aren’t vests amazing? The perks are countless, but one of the best benefits:  changing the shirt color underneath!  It’s almost like getting several outfits for the price of one.

Then there’s the added benefit of having a secure bodice while your arms are free to move, and who doesn’t like that aspect when showing?  It’s also a look that a rider of age, division, size, or budget can pull off. They are flattering and work as a body shaper to create a slim silhouette.


Shown in the photo is a bolero style vest and shirt set by Platinum Show Apparel sold at Show Me Again.

One of the biggest complaints we hear about show clothing is that they are so hot! We know your comfort is important, and while it can be impossible to stay cool wearing a long sleeved, collared tops in the dead of summer, vests definitely help with the weight, breathability and overall comfort during the hottest summer months of showing.

Pictured is a lightweight Lycra shirt and Lycra vest without crystals by Platinum Show Apparel available exclusively at Show Me Again. Best of both worlds. Relief from the heat and budget friendly at $398 for the set.


Red Paisley Vest by

Platinum Show Apparel


Vests returned to the arena in a big way a few years ago, but the show ring enchantment with them hasn’t faltered.  In fact, designer creativity appears to be hitting an all-time high because of the versatility of vests!


Show in the photo is a vest by Silver Lining. Photo credit Silver Lining Show Apparel.

So if you haven’t tried them yet, or if you’re ready to dive in for a fresh look, here’s some examples of what you’ll be seeing hit the show pen this fall.

Pictured is a brand new vest by Cachet Cowgirl Collection, available exclusively at Show Me Again.

Cachet Cowgirl Collection Motorcycle Vest


Bolero style is associated with a cropped, shorter jacket, and the concept, luckily for us, was applied to the show vest!  Boleros lend themselves to highlighting the areas you want and drawing the eye upward, so don’t be wary if you’re unsure they will work for you – trying them on is crucial so you find the correct length and style.


Shown in the photo is a bolero style vest and shirt by Platinum Show Apparel available for purchase exclusively at Show Me Again.


Bolero Vest by Platinum Show Apparel

Black Lycra Fitted Shirt

Boleros can be classy with neutral bases and subtle design, edgy with color and creative elements, or sassy with fringe and details like conchos and rawhide.  Boleros offer another feature, too – they can be matched to a horsemanship and worn over the top for pleasure for a fuss-free western day at the show! The possibilities are endless.


Shown in the photo is a coordinating horsemanship top and bolero style vest by Silver Lining. Photo credit Silver Lining Show Apparel.


Nothing beats balance and symmetry, the latest look in show ring attire.  Vests offer a terrific canvas upon which to display symmetry since it’s a look on your upper body.  Keeping your shoulders and torso balanced while you’re in the saddle is priceless, and a well-fitted vest does it like no other. Some of our favorite symmetrical designs are picture here!

Shown in the photo is a symmetrical style vest by Diane Olsen available for purchase through Show Me Again.


Diane Olsen Vest


While black is still the most popular base for most amateurs, a vest allows you to add colorful accents to that base, or you can experiment with a color you like by choosing a vest in your chosen color.  More importantly, the color is on the torso where it’s the least distracting, since your movement will be most subtle there.  Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to highlight various colors in your vest by swapping shirts underneath, and playing with the type of shirt.  You can additionally choose a shirt underneath that has been customized to match, or a shirt with accents on cuffs and collar, or a plain zip or button front shirt.  Vests are a safe way to play and experiment with color!

Pictured is a pre-owned vest with coordinating shirt by Kevin Garcia available for purchase through Show Me Again.


Kevin Garcia Vest Set



Fringe:  you may love it or hate it, but if you haven’t tried it on a vest, you might be missing out.  One of our favorite looks is leather or beaded fringe at the bottom of a vest!  Depending on your vest, it can be playful, or it can add a touch of femininity.  What we also love about fringe at the bottom is the coverage it provides disguised as a fashionable accent.  We’ve even seen removable fringe, the best of both worlds!

Shown in the photo is a vest by Trudy Black Label sold through Show Me Again. Photo credit Show Me Again.

Vaquero Style

When ranch classes became one of the fastest growing disciplines at the shows and western style appeared on the runways, a nod to our western heritage appeared in jackets and vests.  Western shapes, elements and findings like conchos, rawhide, fancy stitching add touches that allow us to celebrate the western look without overwhelming a sophisticated look.  Vests are the perfect place to recognize and honor our Western beginnings!

Shown in the photo is a Vaquero Style vest. Photo credit Ali Grusha Photography.

Budget Friendly

Usually vests are less expensive than jackets because there are no sleeves to create and embellish; instead being paired with one of the cotton or Lycra zip front shirts, which can also be worn alone. Show Me Again has seen a very high demand for the new Lycra shirts available at their online store because they are more comfortable, wrinkle free and cooler than cotton shirts, as well as available in a variety of fun colors. Those who wish to experiment with colors can do so inexpensively by trying out a Lycra or cotton shirt.


Another recent development includes the “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Bling) vests. These are becoming popular amongst those who are boycotting the dripping crystal craze, or those who want to express their own creativity by decorating their own vests. Show Me Again has Just Added several new patterns in these affordable vests by Platinum Show Apparel and for as little as $389 you can have a stylish, casual brand new vest and shirt for a weekend show, rainy day or when it’s just too sweltering hot to bring out your heavily embellished show clothes. Another bonus: both shirt and vest are machine washable and made in the USA.


Pictured is a Platinum Show Apparel vest with 2 different colored shirts, which dramatically changes the overall look of the outfit. Vest and shirts available exclusively at Show Me Again.

BYOB Vest by Platinum Show Apparel


 pic11 pic12



Ready to try a vest?  At Show Me Again we always have a terrific selection of brand new and preowned consignment vests for your shopping convenience for all sizes and budgets!

You may also shop for brand new vests and shirts at our showroom during High Roller Reining Classic 2017 at South Point in Las Vegas September 8-16, or at Arizona Fall Championship at WestWorld of Scottsdale September 19-24, 2017, or you can “Try Before You Buy” at www.showmeagain.com.