Show Me Style: Wallet-Wise with Show Me Again

How to Look Like a Million Bucks this Summer without Spending an Arm and a Leg

Ready to hit the shows this summer but need new show clothes? You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look your best. Read along for Show Me Again’s guide to smart and wallet-savvy summer style:

Wear that Plain Oxford

Zip front or button up – pick your favorite and show it off. If you haven’t considered one yet, the oxford shirt is the perfect, inexpensive summer solution, and there are so many options now. You can pick a pattern, or a cotton blend, or our favorite: a platinum Lycra zip-front shirt that’s available in a host of colors. They are never out of style, they’re incredibly comfortable (and who doesn’t like that?), and they boast the title of being some of our customers’ favorite shirts. Show Me Again is offering some Hobby Horse Solstice shirts in youth sizes, and they are soft, stretchy and breathable, too.

We also carry some fantastic platinum cotton/Lycra blend shirts with piping or embellishment at the color to add a little extra interest to your look, and they’re suitable for just about any event, including horsemanship, trail, ranch riding and more.

Take it Up a Notch

If you’re a girly-girl and you live for bling, but want to stay cool this summer (and still have money actually to show), consider adding some bling to that zip-front oxford shirt. Many designers offer a simple shirt with a blinged-out collar (we have some terrific pieces on our site), or you can consider doing it yourself. If you want to keep attention on your hand movement to a minimum, don’t bling the cuffs, but if you have quiet hands, have at it! The more, the better, if you love sparkle.

Wear it All Day

We love, love the idea of an all-day jacket, and if you play it smart, you can find a jacket that is the right length for both in-hand events and riding. Your torso length is key to finding a garment that’s suitable for more than one event. One way to test it out for riding length is by sitting in a saddle, and when standing, make sure it flatters your body type and leg/torso length. Showmanship jackets can be various lengths, but you have to be comfortable and find the right compromise.

Of course, the best way to make sure a clean silhouette is present for both leading and riding is to pick one color from head to toe and wear it all day. That will help you reach the proper compromise on length for both types of events.

Keep an Open Mind

Have you ever watched House Hunters or another home improvement show and noticed some couples simply could not see past the current paint color or wallpaper? The pros who have remodeled hundreds of homes have insight that is genius, and we know there’s something to be learned there.

This situation is the perfect analogy for shopping for pre-owned clothes. Yes, you want it in style, right now, but have you ever looked at a well-made garment that is on sale, or has a motivated consignor, and thought, “I could remove those cuffs and add the bling to the collar?” or “I could put a plain black shirt under that vest and make it look more modern? (Or at least my favorite seamstress/friend who sews/grandmother who sews could do it.)”

Keeping an open mind, and being willing to make a few minor alterations, when you look at a pre-owned garment with good bones is a huge money saver. Often, your experienced Show Me Again sales rep already has the ideas in the back of her mind if you don’t mind listening and trying a few extra pieces on. You would not be the first of a long line of customers who were pleasantly surprised to find their future favorite piece of show clothing when they least expected it.

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Photos © Ali Hubbell